Five Types of Women on You’ll Meet on Fling Dating Sites and How To Spot Them

“Will you have a fling with her?”

There are tons of women in the world. They’re all different, there are definitely “types” out there. Obviously, one woman differs from the next, but you can read certain personality traits, and they almost always belong to a certain type. This isn’t a bad thing, and can be a useful way to gauge if you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Some men don’t care, as long as a woman’s not into drama. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking to get out of a rut, or find a woman who’s the total opposite of your wife or girlfriend.

If you gravitate toward the same type of personality over and over, you could be missing out on sexual opportunities if you don’t learn how to break your pattern, according to This is why figuring out the best way of how to have an affair online will work to your benefit. There are lots of different women to choose from on dating sites, but you still might fall back into your typical ways and unconsciously choose the same type of woman that you always do. We’ve had a lot of experience with online dating. When we’ve met ladies in Kitchener, there are definitely local women who fit into categories, so we’ve come up with a few personality types that you’ll probably encounter. It’s up to you to decide what kind you’re interested in, though. Think outside the box – and go inside a different kind of box. Learn our exclusive strategies for getting laid by reading our married dating guide. These tactics will surely help you out in scoping out the best type of women.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

“Her emotions are always heightened”

This is the type of woman who may be a drama queen, or might just be emotional. The difference between drama queens and emotional rollercoasters is all in the name – one contains the word drama, and one does not. A drama queen will try to attract attention and make you look bad. She’ll be the loudest and most confrontational, and demand attention when she’s slighted. This will make your life a living hell. Unlike a drama queen, the type of woman who’s more of an emotional rollercoaster basically just means she’s a little temperamental. This can be a bit much to handle, and she might be high strung, but it’s not unmanageable. If you’re confident about how to have an affair online and recognizing what traits are acceptable or not, go for it. Sometimes, certain attributes outweigh forgivable flaws. In other words, if she’s hot but a little intense, it could be worth putting up with. Drama is a deal breaker. Being a little high strung doesn’t have to be.

The Secret Lesbian

“She is still exploring her sexuality”

This is the woman who’s married and trying to have an affair to see if it will improve her failing nuptials. You will find married women who are simply looking for the same things that you are. However, you’ll also find women that have other motives without even realizing. It’s relatively easy to figure this one out, though. First of all, if she’s not traditionally feminine, that might be a tip off. It’s like when you have that gay friend who everyone knows is gay, but claims not to be. Examine her profile pictures carefully. Additionally, asks where she likes to hang out in Kitchener if you’re looking for a local lady. Secret lesbians will usually end up hanging out at sports bars or other lady venues, although if she’s still in the closet, she’s probably not up to the level of gay lady bars yet. Either way, just watch for the signs if you get that feeling in the back of your head she may actually be looking for the same gender that you are for a fling.

The Married Woman

“She is desperate for some fun time”

Unlike the secret lesbian, this woman really is married and looking for an affair. She might still be figuring out how to have an affair online, so you have a head start at trying to win her over. Married women on fling sites usually don’t last quite as long as guys, because a lot of times they change their minds. Some have the stomach for it, and some don’t. Cheating for guys is almost second nature. We’re just not meant to be tied down to one lady.

The married woman is going to be very cautious, probably doesn’t post pictures of her face (we don’t blame her), and doesn’t know exactly what she’s looking for. This is where you need to approach her in a nonthreatening, welcoming and friendly manner. As soon as she warms up to you, she’ll feel like she has someone on her side. This isn’t a bad thing and you’re not even being dishonest. It’s just a good way to get her attention. You still need to be honest, but if she’s hot, you’ve got yourself a winner.

The One Hit Wonder

“She is just going to use you for one night”

This is the female purveyor of one night stands. This is the woman you’re going to sleep with exactly once, and she’s going to ditch you. She’s like a typical guy who’s only interested in hookups, except she’s a woman. This is like finding a leprechaun in the wilds of online dating, and act fast if you encounter her. She’ll be awesome in bed and she’ll know what she wants. The best way to tell if you’re talking to a woman with this personality type is the pace of the conversation when you’re messaging with each other. She’ll be straightforward and to the point. Women that are insecure and try to validate themselves by being hot will awkwardly throw themselves at you and demand compliments. The one hit wonder is the woman who’s polite but to the point. She’s eloquent, tactful, and never trashy, but she doesn’t pull punches. Rest assured that if you’re looking to hook up with a woman you’ll never see again, this is your gal.

The Dominatrix

She’s going to be the kinky one, and you’ll be able to tell from her profile. This is a woman who will be upfront about her kinks and tell the world what she’s interested in without reservation. Interestingly, the relationship status of the dominatrix may be more complex than simply being married or single. The BDSM community is full of non-traditional arrangements, such as open or polyamorous relationships, so you never know what you’re going to get. As long as you’re polite, once it becomes apparent you’re dealing with a kinky woman, feel free ask about her relationship status if it seems appropriate. Be tactful about it, but if you want to know, go for it. She’s probably used to fielding questions. This is a woman who’s not going to be a simple hookup, but it could be a mind-blowing one if she’s into trying out some of her tricks on you. We advise you not to get too ambitious, though. You’re still dealing with a hookup, and not a relationship based on trust. A little bondage can be fun, but don’t go too far. Chances are she won’t want to take it to the extreme anyway. This is also the type of woman that you’re going to have to be really honest with when you meet, and don’t hide anything. She’s probably heard and seen it all, so don’t be shy. If you’re sexually compatible, it might be the most awesome of rides.

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What To Do When You Have A Very Specific Type

“Go to a popular bar to meet hot ladies”

It’s not a bad thing to be picky and know exactly what and who you like. In fact, most people who have trouble dating have so much trouble because they don’t know what they’re looking for in a partner and end up sending too may mixed signals. You have already breached the hardest part of the dating game by figuring out what it is you like in women. Don’t settle for someone you’re not as into when there is so much you can easily do to hook up with women who are more your type. Whether it’s certain physical features or personality types you have interest in, make sure to be clear about what you want in women. While there are some ways to meet certain types of women offline, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best sites to get laid if you want to quickly hook up with specific kinds of women in Glasgow and beyond.We have the best getting laid sites in the UK compared for you. Read the Reviews and Site-by-Site Rankings of the Best Sites to Get Laid here. Find a fling of your type with our guide.

Attracting the Party Girl

“Be confident”

If you’re looking for women who know how to have fun, then you need to be at the party! A true party girl usually doesn’t spend very much time online when she could be at the scene of the crime instead. This is even easier to narrow down if you are attracted to any particular nightlife scene and not particular physical appearances. Make it a point to go to some live venues or popular bars hosting live music alone once or twice a week. It is way more lame to show up with a wingman you can’t ditch than just admit you’re at the event by yourself because you also enjoy the performance. It doesn’t matter if you hate the performance, pretend to like so she’ll think you’re into the same things she is and have something you can talk about together. Of course, that means you can’t fake your knowledge base so do your homework
if it’s not actually you’re thing. Also make it a point to attend different venues, so you’re not seeing the exact same women every week. Whenever you’re looking for hook ups, it’s best to sample a wide berth of women from all over and not just from Glasgow.

Once you’ve found you’re nightly stake out spot, get into the mood of the scene and get comfortable so it looks like you fit in and don’t stand out like you have no idea what any of this is about. From your vantage point, begin to look around for women who seem to be alone or in groups of other women. It’s easy to spot a party girl because she is bound to be having the most fun out of anyone. She doesn’t have to be trashed entirely to be having a good time, and most importantly she can hold her liquor. Steer clear of women who look like they’re turning green even if they’re drunk enough to find you attractive, they won’t be fun to take care of throwing up all night or hung over the next morning. Once you’ve spotted your party girl, try and makeeye contact
and look for other openings to approach her. If you have a spot by the bar, it may be wise to wait until she comes to get a drink, or her friend comes to get a drink leaving her unattended on the dance floor. Make casual conversation with her and test the waters to see if she’s interested in you. Avoid coming on too strong, it’s sexier to women to play hard to get and not seem like you’re the desperate one.

You Just Like That Certain Look

“See her profile to get an idea of her personality”

If you’re more interested in what she looks like than what she’s into, online dating sites are a much better option for you. Not that you can’t meet the woman of your dreams face to face, but your chances are automatically lower if you have a certain look in mind. There isn’t a particular bar anywhere that only serves blondes, but online dating sites will automatically eliminate anyone you’re not interested in before giving you your results. You can’t similarly go into a bar and ask them to kick out everyone with red hair. Use the vast knowledge of the Internet to consult the best sites to get laid. You’ll be able to specify the look of your ideal women in seconds and receive more results than you can imagine or even look through! What’s more you’ll even be able to see her online profile, which will give you an idea of her personality too. If you find someone you really like, you can get a jump-start by sending her a messageand trying to start a conversation. You can even meet and talk to multiple women at once until you find one you actually want to try meeting up with in person. After all, eventually you have to meet up so you can make sure she’s not just using someone else’s picture in her profile!

If you’re especially interested in quick hook ups and not a long term relationship, using the best sites to get laid will help you continue to find the type of women you are attracted to time after time. Don’t settle for someone you are not attracted to with so many options at your fingertips. If you’re running out of profiles on one dating site, just join another and you’ll be good to go all over again in no time.

Using Your Profile To Attract Your Type

“Try to make your online profile attractive”

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of joining all these online dating site, it’s important to cultivate all of your options. You can do this by not simply looking at the profiles of women on the site, but also by filling out your own profile to reflect your interests and image. While you may have been honest with the website search engine
about what you’re looking for in a woman, it’s wiser not to say you’ll only date certain types of women in your profile. Don’t forget that any women who might consider talking to you will have access to your profile, and most women are offended by the idea that a man would only date women with certain hair color or physical features. Try to fill your profile with things that women you like will like. Trying to attract the athletic type? Talk about your love of hiking and sports. Trying to attract the blonde trophy wife? Rave about your last resort vacation and how much you love beach resorts and spas. Trying to attract the artistic type? Mention the last art fair or live venue you attended. Whatever your type, be sure to load you profile with turn on and not turn offs for whomever you are trying to attract. Women respond well to a little extra romance, but don’t go overboard and get too cheesy either or you will seem exceptionally fake. Take the opportunity to sell yourself and all of your best features so that your profile is working for you around the clock. Trying to find your type doesn’t have to be all hard work, once you have an awesome profile you can sit back and crack a beer with your bros while the women come to you.

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Dissatisfied With Your Sex Life? Add Some Kink

Good sex is hard to find and bad sex can come in all kinds of shapes, flavors, and colors. You could have boring sex where you literally find yourself thinking about going to the grocery store later. You can have sex that’s a little too dry which leaves you feeling rough and raw for days. You could have sex that’s too rough in all the wrong ways. You could have sex that doesn’t last long enough, sex that takes forever, or sex that is just too sweaty to be sexy. The list goes on and it only gets worse from here. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect formula that you can use to get the best kind of satisfaction in the bedroom. Even if there was, it would certainly be going for millions of dollars and us average folks would still be shit out of luck.

Just because there’s no easy formula like hot girl plus hot guy equals hot sex, there are some things that you can consider to reduce your risks of bad sex. They are things that seem deceptively simple but they’re vital to a good lay. Women, for the most part, seem to be on the receiving end of messages about sex and their feelings toward it. A man’s feelings about the sex he’s about to have can be just as important. They can affect performance, stamina, and the ability to ejaculate. Just because these things are usually asked of the fairer sex doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be asking yourself the same questions.

Do you actually want to have sex? Mostly, men are considered to be ready to go all of time regardless of the circumstances, but that’s not always true. If you’re too tired or pissed off to enjoy yourself, maybe you should just wait. At least take a few moments to chill out. Why have sex you won’t get off on?Plus, your mental state can really hinder your ability to perform. As every man knows, if things start doing downhill, it’s very hard not to lose all self-confidence and kick yourself right out of the game. On top of that, if you’re struggling to keep things hard, you may take forever to get there. This can lead to frustration and chafing, and no one wants that.

Are you having sex often enough? If you are only having sex once in a blue moon, it’s bound to be awkward every single time. As corny as it sounds, you have to be comfortable to have good sex. This doesn’t have to mean you’re in love and you feel safe (though that is one way to do it). It can simply be that you’re having a good day and you’re not worried about being a disappointment. It could mean you’ve done this before and had good reviews. It could even be that you’re drunk and not really interested in how sexy they think your “O” face is. The bottom line is you need to feel comfortable to perform and enjoy yourself. Get out of your own head for a change and get in the game. The easiest way to do this, to feel comfortable, is to have sex often enough that you’re fairly confident in your performance.

Lastly, are you having the right kind of sex? It doesn’t matter how often you have sex or how into it you are, if it’s not enough to get you off, then it is still going to be bad. The kind of sex you should be having can be different from person to person, from week to week, even from hour to hour. It is only important that you’re having the sex that you want to have when you want to have it. If you’re feeling mushy and you want to connect and you bang it out like rabbits, you’re not going to get a whole lot out of it. If you need to be spanked to climax and that’s not happening, you’re not going to feel quite as good about it in the morning. The only wrong way to have sex is to have sex that you’re not into. While it could be that you’re not into the position or the place, it’s more likely that your sex is bland and not really fulfilling your expectations. Maybe you’re kinky and your sex just isn’t.

Let’s Get Kinky

If you want to start having better sex and you need to find a good place to start exploring the kinkier side of yourself, try some of the top sites for alternative hookups. There are reviews upon reviews of kinky dating websites to help you find the one that’s right for you. There are ones for relationships, ones for hooking up, and ones for everything in between. The important thing here is that they are all kinky. When you’re reviewing these sites, try to find ones that speak to the kind of kinky dating you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for something causal or a little more involved, there are plenty of top sites out there for you.

Once you get on a site, you’ll need to make sure you have the best profile out there. Tell them you’re new. There are a lot of alternative daters that are very turned on by fresh meat. It’s kind of like how guys are into virgins, something about the untouched, pure, first time is very enticing. Let them know what you’ve tried and what you want to try. There are so many fetishes and kinks out there; you’re bound to find a wide range of ladies into exactly the same thing. You might sign up for a kinky dating site in the morning, start reviewing sites this afternoon, and be out of breath by the evening. It’s easy to get what you want when you ask for it. Make your comparisons between the best websites for kinky dating and pick the legit ones out of them.

Even if you only skim the surface of the kinky world, it will be well worth your while. You may find that you’ve discovered what your sex life has always been missing. You may never be able to go back to vanilla sex with vanilla girls. You may also find that it was a bit too much for you to handle and that’s okay too. Just because the full on kink wasn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean you can’t take what you’ve learned and apply it to your next session. You might be surprised how many women are into a little light BDSM. The right amount of pressure here and a little tug there can be the difference between the boring sex you’ve been having and the great sex you’re looking for.

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New Features of the Chrome 27 That You Should Know

Google’s Chrome has certainly come a long way after it was introduced to the public. It has now surpassed Internet Explorer as the most used browser. Last May 22, 2013, Google made another improvement and Chrome 27 was released. This is not a new browser. It is just like the other previous Chrome browsers, but there are new features that make it more exciting to use. Also, this will be the last browser from Google that will use the Webkit engine as the next Chrome will already use Blink.

It is faster than ever

When it comes to speed, Chrome has the fastest speed amongst all browsers. It leaves the competition behind by a mile. Opening websites is not only fast with the new Chrome 27, but downloading is also quick. It uses 5 percent of your idle network time to help download files. However, you won’t really notice this difference as you use Chrome. Page loading is now more focused on visible areas of the page, cutting down the loading time.

Updates on Developer Tools


Google Chrome 27

It is now easy to access the Developer Tools window. You can just dock it on the right portion of the screen, especially for those that have wide-screen monitors. It is quite difficult to see the window though. To access it, you will need to hold down the dock icon on the lower-left of the window and then a menu will appear. You can then choose Developer Tools from the menu.

A transition from Webkit to Blink

This will be the final version of Chrome that will use Webkit. From this point onwards, Google will now use the Blink engine for its Chrome browser. Since Chrome 27 is still using Webkit, you will not see any major changes on the Chrome 27 browser. Also, Google made some cleaning with its coding; it eliminated around 8.8 million lines on its coding.

Other changes expected from Chrome 27

Several issues such as bugs and security holes were fixed in the Chrome 27. Google even paid a hefty sum of money to people who were able to see these issues. It has also a better omnibox (search box) that can make predictions on what site you want to visit and make corrections on your spelling errors. It is also easy for Chrome OS developers to sync files via the Sync FileSystem API.


Google Chrome 27

Google is never lazy when it comes to updating their browser. Google Chrome is not only considered the fastest, but also one of the bests internet browsers. Changes in Chrome 27 will not be identified easily for now. But as Chrome transitions to Blink, the changes will become more obvious. Enjoy the Chrome 27 now because by July 2013 Chrome 28 is going to take over.

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Get Her To Say “Yes”: 3 Romantic Ideas TO Pop THE Question

Planning to propose? Then, your plans better be good! Proposing a marriage to your loved one may seem like an easy goal to achieve, but proposing a marriage to your loved one in a way that she will forever remember in her lifetime does not seem so easy anymore. Wedding proposals, let’s face it, are a big deal. You are declaring your love to the woman you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with; you might as well give it your best shot. Make her say that precious “yes” with these 3 romantic ideas!

  1. If you can, go big time!

While you’re at it, do the most outrageous thing you can ever think of when proposing to your girlfriend. By outrageous, it doesn’t mean just spending the night on some fancy restaurant. It means spending the night eating dinner in the middle of the sea aboard a beautiful yacht. You may even stop by to some deserted island where both of you can intimately share dinner together – complete with a singer and a violinist playing your most favorite songs as a couple. If you are not a fan of the ocean, you can fly her up to the sky in a hot air balloon and have picnic while you’re floating on air. The moment will already be perfect that the only thing you will have to worry about is when to pop the question.


Romantic Ways for How to Propose to your Girlfriend

  1. Will you marry me?” – Spell the words out.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a luxurious wedding proposal. There are still other ways to do it that are as memorable and effective, such as spelling the words out. However, skip the usual sappy love letters and take the notch a step higher.

Create a huge banner with the question written all over it and hang it someplace where she can see it clearly – it may be across the building where she works or just across your house. Or you may bring her to the park and hire some people to scrawl letters on their backs that form the question and surprise her with it. Believe me, the extra effort will be worth it.

  1. Bring back the child in both of you.

Who would go wrong in popping the question in an amusement park? Theme parks will always set the good mood with the wonderful rides, the colorful scenery, and the hustle bustle of people having fun. But to make things more intimate, you can bring your girl to a ride in a Ferris wheel. This is not only the least death-defying ride to take her to, a Ferris wheel is also one of the sweetest places you can propose. Wait until you’re at the very top and feasting over a magnificent view until you ask her the words. For sure, she will be forgetting about the scenery and will be overwhelmed to even think about her answer.


She said YES! Sam Faiers wastes no time getting her bridal gown on as she and Joey Essex toast engagement with TOWIE

There are always easier ways to propose. However, your girl will know how much she means to you when you run the extra mile just to bring her to the altar. The question is: are you up for the challenge?

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Can Something You Do Everyday Be A Death Trap?

There are risks to everything you do in your life. However, some of them are more than unnecessary. Simply watching television is a hazard to your health. It seems like a harmless activity, but there are things that can make relaxing in front of your favorite program a death trap.

Blood clots form from bad circulation

Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or DVT can lead to death with little warning. You can have a swollen leg, or not realize anything is wrong. When you aren’t moving your legs, the blood pools in them. The blood only circulates when your muscles contract the veins in your calves. If you are a gamer and spend too much time on the internet, or are a couch potato and spend much of your time following news, sports and reality TV, then you are in danger of this.


Poor Circulation in Feet

With little warning, blood clots can form in your legs, and then when you finally do move again, they can break away and travel through your body. Once they reach your lungs, death can come very soon after. Clots from the legs can cause heart attacks if they get that far.

Muscle can atrophy and cause pain and weakness

For a sedentary life, so little movement can cause your muscles to atrophy. This is where your muscle mass decreases. When this happens, you physically become weaker. The weaker you become, the harder it will be for you to become active again. This can lead to depression, weight gain, and other serious complications.

Watching too much television messes with your brain

Simply watching television is a mindless activity. It does not allow for you to really think. Something in the brain shuts down when you watch television, allowing you to ‘escape’ from the rigorous thoughts of the day. However, without the mental exercises of other activities, watching too much television can lead to Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders.


Too much TV can make a Glaswegian sound like a ‘Jockney': How watching soaps can alter your accent
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Watching television also lowers your attention span. Since television is constant entertainment, continuous watching can make it harder to focus on other things, including cooking and driving in some cases.

As if those weren’t bad enough, television can have another adverse effect on your mind. Much of the content of today’s programs contains violence. The brain is constantly growing and absorbing anything it can, and violence can be learned whether you want it to or not.

Between the physical and mental detriments that television has to offer, there is something that can be done about it. Muscle atrophy can be corrected with exercise, as can DVT blood clots. Certainly, you can exercise while watching television. If being entertained while you exercise is what motivates you, then don’t let anyone stop you. Now that you are aware of the risks of watching too many hours of television, however, only you can plan how television will continue to affect your life. Do you still think it is a harmless activity, or do you now believe that intervention may be necessary for you or someone you love?

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Good Financial Management Aids Early Retirement

Commitment to retirement needs to be simple and easy for it to be achievable. Retirement marks a day when one stops working in their current profession. To some, it marks a beginning of a new career or passion but to others, retirement means reaching a point where working for money stops. In terms of early retirement in the latter definition, the perfect time to get started is now and the significance of savings is more.

5 Ways to Handle Money Matters for an Early Retirement

  1. Settle debts. The only outstanding debt that should remain is the home mortgage. Being out of debt is both an obvious and essential requirement for early retirement. Pay off car loans, credit cards, college loans, and other loans you may have.

  2. Save and invest early. More time means more savings and a more compounded investment.

  3. Consider long-term investment. Research carefully and make no room for mistakes in choosing the suitable investment. Remember that you need a consistent income that you can rely on for the remaining lifetime. It pays to avail professional service for assessment and recommendations.

  4. Invest wisely. Make simple index investments where your money works under an auto-pilot rather than timing the markets and impressing friends.

  5. Maximize your savings. It is a no-brainer to take advantage of retirement benefits. They save you from taxes and it makes a good long-term investment. Do not make this a part of your own personal savings.


A Reason to Retire Early?

Drastic Moves Preparatory to Early Retirement

  • Invest in yourself. A low-wage job needs remedy. Early retirement does not warrant outrageous salary but a decent wage is necessary. Retrain if there is a need.

  • Spend below income level. This can easily be documented but in reality, it is hard to practice. Live a simple life by tracking expenses daily and buying only the necessities. Monitor cash flow like a business does. There has to be a lot left for savings for a faster progress.

  • Keep home expenses low. An extra monthly pay off on home mortgage will mean a lot in a year and more so in more years. Rent out unused space in your home to help offset cost of mortgage.

  • Avoid peer pressure. Putting social pressure into perspective makes a smart move. Let it invade you and you divert from the commitment to early retirement. Improving your lifestyle now is running against an improved lifestyle later.

Effect of Kids on Early Retirement Plan

Given modest salaries, one can easily retire at 40 or a little later granting there are no kids to talk about. It is safe to say that having kids set the earliest retirement age at 50. Every little thing a kid would need is everything you would want to keep for retirement.

Having more kids than one can make early retirement impossible, again, depending on how one defines retirement. If it is ending a profession in trade for a beginning of a new career or passion, then you can retire early with all the kids you have.


Pension planning: Chart retirement course early

Saving for retirement is more of a marathon than a sprint. In an early retirement plan, it is important to maintain the balance in today and tomorrow’s life. Deprive yourself too much of your passion now and you lose your long-term plan to the air.

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How To Create A Catchy Email Subject Line

Email subject lines are often left out until the whole email has been done. This is true for a lot of people because though they are very short and supposedly easy to write, they are truthfully the hardest to do. It’s what will get people to click or unclick your email that’s why the pressure is great.

But there are ways in which you can make your email subject lines easy and catchy to get people to click and read your email. These are the following:

USE the “FREE” approach

Who in the world doesn’t love free stuff? Everybody does! People would risk themselves to get what they want when it’s for free. Nobody would leave it unnoticed. Make sure to put the word “FREE” and yes, it should be in caps partnered with just the right amount of exclamation point to get them excited. You will see that people get attracted to it. Who doesn’t when you’re giving them something for free?

speak in a sense of urgency


Catchy Email Subject Lines

When you give out something for free and you kind of give them that sense of urgency on your email’s subject line, people will not want to miss it out. They would just feel like you care about them so much to get that huge treat that you really took the time to buzz them even on the last minute. Let them know that it’s soon to end. You may use a phrase like, “Closing Soon!” on the beginning of your subject line to let them know that it won’t take too long before the free stuff will no longer be free for them. They would not want to miss that!

The importance of exclamation points

Using the exclamation point, whether we like it or not, will get someone excited. It turns on the drum roll effect in the background of a person reading something with it. It makes the sense of urgency feel even more realistic and worth not missing out on. Using this on your subject line would do so much help but be careful not to use too much so as to make your line sound like you’re screaming. It would just take off the professional tone away in a snap.


just on the subject lines

When you know the basic essentials in making your email’s subject line more interesting, it wouldn’t be too hard to achieve a good customer response using them. Take note of the steps above and be sure to apply them. However, don’t leave out the idea of making your email’s content also very worth reading! Don’t say anything on your subject line that does not in any way describe what your email is talking about. That would be just plainly bad.

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