Can Something You Do Everyday Be A Death Trap?

There are risks to everything you do in your life. However, some of them are more than unnecessary. Simply watching television is a hazard to your health. It seems like a harmless activity, but there are things that can make relaxing in front of your favorite program a death trap.

Blood clots form from bad circulation

Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or DVT can lead to death with little warning. You can have a swollen leg, or not realize anything is wrong. When you aren’t moving your legs, the blood pools in them. The blood only circulates when your muscles contract the veins in your calves. If you are a gamer and spend too much time on the internet, or are a couch potato and spend much of your time following news, sports and reality TV, then you are in danger of this.


Poor Circulation in Feet

With little warning, blood clots can form in your legs, and then when you finally do move again, they can break away and travel through your body. Once they reach your lungs, death can come very soon after. Clots from the legs can cause heart attacks if they get that far.

Muscle can atrophy and cause pain and weakness

For a sedentary life, so little movement can cause your muscles to atrophy. This is where your muscle mass decreases. When this happens, you physically become weaker. The weaker you become, the harder it will be for you to become active again. This can lead to depression, weight gain, and other serious complications.

Watching too much television messes with your brain

Simply watching television is a mindless activity. It does not allow for you to really think. Something in the brain shuts down when you watch television, allowing you to ‘escape’ from the rigorous thoughts of the day. However, without the mental exercises of other activities, watching too much television can lead to Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders.


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Watching television also lowers your attention span. Since television is constant entertainment, continuous watching can make it harder to focus on other things, including cooking and driving in some cases.

As if those weren’t bad enough, television can have another adverse effect on your mind. Much of the content of today’s programs contains violence. The brain is constantly growing and absorbing anything it can, and violence can be learned whether you want it to or not.

Between the physical and mental detriments that television has to offer, there is something that can be done about it. Muscle atrophy can be corrected with exercise, as can DVT blood clots. Certainly, you can exercise while watching television. If being entertained while you exercise is what motivates you, then don’t let anyone stop you. Now that you are aware of the risks of watching too many hours of television, however, only you can plan how television will continue to affect your life. Do you still think it is a harmless activity, or do you now believe that intervention may be necessary for you or someone you love?

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Good Financial Management Aids Early Retirement

Commitment to retirement needs to be simple and easy for it to be achievable. Retirement marks a day when one stops working in their current profession. To some, it marks a beginning of a new career or passion but to others, retirement means reaching a point where working for money stops. In terms of early retirement in the latter definition, the perfect time to get started is now and the significance of savings is more.

5 Ways to Handle Money Matters for an Early Retirement

  1. Settle debts. The only outstanding debt that should remain is the home mortgage. Being out of debt is both an obvious and essential requirement for early retirement. Pay off car loans, credit cards, college loans, and other loans you may have.

  2. Save and invest early. More time means more savings and a more compounded investment.

  3. Consider long-term investment. Research carefully and make no room for mistakes in choosing the suitable investment. Remember that you need a consistent income that you can rely on for the remaining lifetime. It pays to avail professional service for assessment and recommendations.

  4. Invest wisely. Make simple index investments where your money works under an auto-pilot rather than timing the markets and impressing friends.

  5. Maximize your savings. It is a no-brainer to take advantage of retirement benefits. They save you from taxes and it makes a good long-term investment. Do not make this a part of your own personal savings.


A Reason to Retire Early?

Drastic Moves Preparatory to Early Retirement

  • Invest in yourself. A low-wage job needs remedy. Early retirement does not warrant outrageous salary but a decent wage is necessary. Retrain if there is a need.

  • Spend below income level. This can easily be documented but in reality, it is hard to practice. Live a simple life by tracking expenses daily and buying only the necessities. Monitor cash flow like a business does. There has to be a lot left for savings for a faster progress.

  • Keep home expenses low. An extra monthly pay off on home mortgage will mean a lot in a year and more so in more years. Rent out unused space in your home to help offset cost of mortgage.

  • Avoid peer pressure. Putting social pressure into perspective makes a smart move. Let it invade you and you divert from the commitment to early retirement. Improving your lifestyle now is running against an improved lifestyle later.

Effect of Kids on Early Retirement Plan

Given modest salaries, one can easily retire at 40 or a little later granting there are no kids to talk about. It is safe to say that having kids set the earliest retirement age at 50. Every little thing a kid would need is everything you would want to keep for retirement.

Having more kids than one can make early retirement impossible, again, depending on how one defines retirement. If it is ending a profession in trade for a beginning of a new career or passion, then you can retire early with all the kids you have.


Pension planning: Chart retirement course early

Saving for retirement is more of a marathon than a sprint. In an early retirement plan, it is important to maintain the balance in today and tomorrow’s life. Deprive yourself too much of your passion now and you lose your long-term plan to the air.

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How To Create A Catchy Email Subject Line

Email subject lines are often left out until the whole email has been done. This is true for a lot of people because though they are very short and supposedly easy to write, they are truthfully the hardest to do. It’s what will get people to click or unclick your email that’s why the pressure is great.

But there are ways in which you can make your email subject lines easy and catchy to get people to click and read your email. These are the following:

USE the “FREE” approach

Who in the world doesn’t love free stuff? Everybody does! People would risk themselves to get what they want when it’s for free. Nobody would leave it unnoticed. Make sure to put the word “FREE” and yes, it should be in caps partnered with just the right amount of exclamation point to get them excited. You will see that people get attracted to it. Who doesn’t when you’re giving them something for free?

speak in a sense of urgency


Catchy Email Subject Lines

When you give out something for free and you kind of give them that sense of urgency on your email’s subject line, people will not want to miss it out. They would just feel like you care about them so much to get that huge treat that you really took the time to buzz them even on the last minute. Let them know that it’s soon to end. You may use a phrase like, “Closing Soon!” on the beginning of your subject line to let them know that it won’t take too long before the free stuff will no longer be free for them. They would not want to miss that!

The importance of exclamation points

Using the exclamation point, whether we like it or not, will get someone excited. It turns on the drum roll effect in the background of a person reading something with it. It makes the sense of urgency feel even more realistic and worth not missing out on. Using this on your subject line would do so much help but be careful not to use too much so as to make your line sound like you’re screaming. It would just take off the professional tone away in a snap.


just on the subject lines

When you know the basic essentials in making your email’s subject line more interesting, it wouldn’t be too hard to achieve a good customer response using them. Take note of the steps above and be sure to apply them. However, don’t leave out the idea of making your email’s content also very worth reading! Don’t say anything on your subject line that does not in any way describe what your email is talking about. That would be just plainly bad.

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